Roof Recovery Systems

Applying Liquid Membranes gives the advantage of a seamless, monolithic, waterproofed surface without having to remove the existing roof. Roof recovery systems are a huge cost effective way to achieve a worry free, new roof that will last for decades. If only the top layer is weathered and UV damaged, why remove all the insulation and fill the landfill with perfectly good materials. On a flat roof it is the top layer that breaks down, fails, and causes leaks. Most people think you have to replace the whole roof now, which is not necessary. By applying a Roof Recovery system, you eliminate the cost of removal of the existing roof, new insulation, roofing materials, metal, and the cost to install. With a Roof Recovery, the roof is cleaned, prepped, seams are sealed, and low spots are filled. Two layers of Liquid Membrane are applied over the entire roof. Liquid Membranes can only be applied to SBS, metal, EPDM, and TPO flat roofs.