Wood Coatings

Wood Coatings are designed to protect wood surfaces from deterioration and rotting from the elements (sun, snow, rain chemicals etc.) Applying a liquid membrane provides a waterproof, seamless, monolithic surface for decks, patios, balconies that will not crack, fade or peel off like vinyl decking does. Also when completed it can a provide an elegant area designed with your choice of color to match your home. Non Slip additives are also added to prevent slips and falls.

Roof decks MUST be treated as a roof first then as a deck, Installing vinyl decking material is not a suitable membrane to act as a roof surface to protect the interior of your home below. Vinyl cracks, peels and breaks down overtime. Liquid membranes are a CCMC approved flat roof and decking system. Liquid membranes are also applied without the use of a torch, so there is no risk of a fire, especially over wood. All coatings and roofing are also installed by a professional red seal journeyman for piece of mind and guaranteed to be installed properly.